Anastasio Farini @ Silver Dollar Bar & Stage

Την Κυριακή 22 Ιουνίου στις 9.00μ.μ.

We are ready to welcome the summer with crazy Rock n ‘ roll live-party Silver Dollar Music Bar Music Bar.

Live – Party Anastasio Farini 22/6/2014

Guest band:T

he Updates ( Kostas Sakellariou – Dimitris Tselioglou – Manos Halividis – Spyros Kartas ) And of course no party with no Dr Love Giannis Zaxos!!!!!!!!!!!

So after the live he will rawk us with his f……ng great “Dr Love” palylist.

Doors open 21:00 -Free entry Stay Tuned for details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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